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European Marathi Sammelan 2018

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The European Marathi Sammelan (EMS) is a conference started by like -minded Maharashtrian community members to celebrate culture and traditions of Maharashtra, India, which happens every other year in a major European city. First launched in the Netherlands in 1996, the NewcastleGateshead event marked the 12th edition of the EMS.

The aim of this conference is for delegates to remain in touch with their cultural roots and to celebrate the Marathi language. An exciting programme features literature, poetry, drama, cinema and various performing arts from the state of Maharashtra.

Questions answered by Rohan Murkunde, Organiser of the European Marathi Sammelan 2018

Why did you choose to bring your conference to NewcastleGateshead?
We have a small but vibrant Marathi community in North East England. We thought that hosting this year’s conference would help us to gain a great experience in organising such an event, and in the process, we will put Newcastle firmly on the map for the European Marathi community. Marathi is the language spoken by people from Maharashtra, a state in western part of India.

What do you feel you (the organiser) benefited from bringing the event to NewcastleGateshead?
We think we have helped promote Newcastle among the wider European Marathi community.

How do you feel your delegates benefited from the event being hosted in NewcastleGateshead?
They enjoyed the venue, the city and the event. The sunshine helped!

Broadly speaking, the delegates thought this was the best conference they have attended in the history of the European Marathi Conference (over 20 years).

How did NewcastleGateshead Convention Bureau support in the organisation of your event?
Caroline Reed, of NewcastleGateshead Convention Bureau, was very helpful in scouting for the venue, shortlisting the venues as per capacity, capability and cost, and thus helping us to make the right choice.

Conference date
29 June - 1 July 2018

Total delegates

Hilton Hotel Newcastle Gateshead

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