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Atypical Interaction Conference2022 hosted in NewcastleGateshead

An international conference focusing on communication and interaction involving people with a range of cognitive, linguistic and physical impairments will be held in Newcastle this year. 

The Atypical Interaction Conference (AIC) will be coming to Newcastle University on 27-29 June.  

The AIC2022 will be held at Newcastle University where the conference will explore the themes of activity, inclusivity, and creativity. 

The AIC2022 is held every 3 years and is attended by world leading researchers on real-life interactions involving people living with dementia, autism, aphasia, schizophrenia, visual- and speech-impairments and more. 

In previous years the AIC has been held in Helsinki; Denmark and Sheffield. 

The conference will showcase the Interaction, Dementia and Engagement in the Arts for Lifelong Learning (IDEAL) project which brings together researchers at Newcastle University, creative ageing charity Equal Arts and Sunderland Culture. This project identifies communication strategies used to enable people living with dementia to take part in creative activities and achieve agency, autonomy and social connectivity. 

Dr Chris Leyland from Newcastle University said: “Newcastle University is delighted to be hosting AIC2022. The university is becoming globally renowned for its research on social interactions in second language settings, and now a team of researchers have switched their attention to real-life communications involving people living with dementia.  

“The AIC will host world-leading researchers investigating effective communications involving people with dementia, aphasia, autism and more. In particular, this conference will focus on creative activities and opportunities for inclusivity and engagement.” 

Paul Szomoru, Director of Business events at NewcastleGateshead Convention Bureau, said:  

“It is fantastic to see this international conference coming to Newcastle. Atypical Interaction Conference 2022 will be bringing some of the world’s leading researchers here to learn, collaborate and see first-hand why Newcastle University is a leading light in the important area of dementia-research 

“We hope the attendees have a rewarding and memorable time here. The main conference will be taking place in the Frederick Douglass Centre, a stunning, state-of-the-art building in Newcastle University’s City Centre Campus. They’ll also enjoy a reception on our iconic quayside at By the River Brew Co and a gala dinner at Wylam Brewery Palace of Arts.” 

 “We are looking forward to welcoming the many delegates coming to this conference in NewcastleGateshead this summer.” 

The conference will include four keynote speakers to lead the discussion. 

Professor Gitte Rasmussen from the University of Southern Denmark specialises in interactions involving persons with linguistic, cognitive and physical impairments. She will share her findings on the ways robot technology can be drawn upon by young adults with impairments to participate in sports activities.  

Dr Ali Reza Majlesi from Stockholm University, Sweden, conducts research on social interaction in both every day and institutional settings with participants with various cognitive and communicative abilities. His focus is on communication with people with dementia, which is conducted at the Center for Dementia Research (CEDER) at Linköping University, Sweden.  

Professor Camilla Lindholm from Tampere University, Finland, examines institutional interactions involving people with communication impairments including dementia. Her talk will examine creativity and engagement in multi-party interaction involving people living with dementia.  

Dr Suzanne Beeke is an Associate Professor at University College London. Her research focuses on communication disabilities such as post-stroke aphasia, traumatic brain injury and dementia, and she explores their impact on everyday conversations in the home and on healthcare interactions. 

For more information on the Atypical Interaction Conference 2022 visit Atypical Interaction Conference 2022

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